7 правил питания, которые позволят получить рельефное тело

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Знаете ли вы, что добиться рельефного и спортивного тела можно с помощью определенной системы питания? Сегодня мы поделимся с вами рекомендациями от 34-летней девушки по имени Касс Хайнс, которая сумела обрести идеальную фигуру благодаря правильному питанию, включающему плотный завтрак, менее плотный обед и легкий ужин. Остальные советы, касательно сбалансированной диеты для обретения спортивного тела, мы представим ниже.

Sometimes I think its less about what you eat, and more about how much you eat as well as the timing of your meals. . . The food I was consuming on the left admittedly, wasn’t as healthy as it should have been but the bigger problem was my portion sizes. . . I was brought up to finish everything on my plate and I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until I did. Who else can relate? I also tend to pick at anything my 4yo leaves behind on her plate, so these two scenarios combined, can turn into a massive case of overconsumption 🙈 Before I know it, I’ve consumed half or more of her meal before I’ve begun having my own. . . We recently took a 5 day child-free break, and it was just enough time for me to realise that I had started to slip back into that mindless eating pattern. Being just the two of us away, we found ourselves consistently having 3 meals a day, a large breakfast, a medium lunch and a small dinner and we both felt fantastic for it. Since we’ve been back, I’ve been making a conscious effort to bypass the leftover scraps, and be mindful of my portion sizes again, particularly those from midday onwards. I focus on portion control because I truly believe we can and should have everything in moderation. I’m still able to eat the treats I want, but within reason, so watching my portions remains my big focus. . . How I plan to avoid overeating this Winter… . . 1️⃣ Always sit down at meal times.. the car is no exception. 2️⃣ Eat with no distraction which includes having the TV on, reading a book, newspaper, phone etc. 3️⃣ Always try and eat with family or others. 4️⃣ Fill a small side plate with food, rather than a large dinner plate for lunch and dinner. 5️⃣ Consume a big glass of water prior to each meal. 6️⃣ My 4yo’s snacks and meals are not an option. 7️⃣ Take my time with every mouthful at every meal. . . If anyone else has any other tips, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Всегда ешьте сидя за столом.
  2. Не отвлекайтесь на телефоны и телевизоры во время еды.
  3. Старайтесь чаще обедать с семьей или друзьями.
  4. Выбирайте маленькие тарелки, чтобы сократить размер порций.
  5. Выпивайте большой стакан воды перед каждым приемом пищи. Это поможет вам улучшить пищеварение и контролировать аппетит.
  6. Готовьте для себя отдельные блюда, если вы живете в большой семье.
  7. Медленно пережевывайте пищу, наслаждаясь каждым кусочком.

When you could eat everything in your meal prep day in day out, you know you’re onto a winner… this has been my fave one in a long time👏🏼 . . Meal 1: Mocha protein smoothie. Recipe in last food post. I prep as many of these as I can find small containers for . . Meal 2: A simple spaghetti bolognese using all leftover vegetables in the fridge. I normally serve this with brown rice noodles . . Meal 3: @lukehinesonline green chicken curry which I serve with freshly cooked basmati rice and/or cauliflower rice. Let me know if you’d like the recipe, the paste is made from scratch (obv 😝) and is the yummiest one I’ve found yet . . Snacks: @noshufoods healthy vanilla cake… was a bit skeptical this would taste artificial but it was absolutely delicious! I managed 18 decent sized slices and froze what I wouldn’t consume within the next 4 days. Also made a double recipe of my black bean chocolate brownies (recipe in last food post) because I’m obsessed. Froze most of them as well and have been alternating between these and the @noshufoods cake slices for an afternoon sweet snack. . . I’m aiming for smaller meals but more frequently which is why I have two ‘main’ type meals here.

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Воспользуйтесь советами от Касс Хайнс, касательно правильного питания, что помогут вам стать здоровее и спортивнее.

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