13 невероятных трансформаций тела, которые вдохновят вас на тренировку

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Часто не получив желаемого результата от диет и тренировок, мы забрасываем все в самом начале пути. Невозможно добиться идеального тела за два дня, неделю, две недели, это занимает гораздо больше времени.

Далее вы увидите женщин, которые на своем примере показывают, к чему могут привести упорство и желание стать лучше.

© Nathan Cowley/Pexels

1. @KelseyWells

Она тренируется по программе Кайлы Итсинес «Bikini Body Guide». Девушка выполняет тяжелые упражнения, которые требуют много сил, но это ее не останавливает.

2. @NessaSphere

Несса делает максимум для того, чтобы выглядеть на миллион. Однажды увидев свое не самое лучшее фото, она захотела полностью измениться. Несса каждое утро ходит в спортзал, придерживается диеты и питается только качественными продуктами. Чего только стоят фото ее полезных и вкусных завтраков в социальных сетях.

You want to look good? You want to get stronger? You want to burn this stubborn belly fat? Or maybe you just want to tone and tighten your abs? 🤔🔛⁉️ Don't believe in all the crazy diets and detox tea plans you see all over internet. Don't get fooled by the women’s fitness magazines, where every issue you can see a new workout promises incredible results in just 10 minutes a day based on cardio and using no equipment or light weights. Don't believe in a set of exercises targeting fat loss from only one body area. Those ARE ALL LIES. There is a different way to achieve all your goals: heavy weights combined with nutrition on point 💁🏼🏋🏼‍♀️🍎 And believe me YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY FROM LIFTING HEAVY ❎✔️ Because the truth is that when you pick up heavy things, your muscles get STRONGER. Don't mix it with getting bigger. You will get bigger only if you eat way more calories than you are burning every day. How to get this amazing toned look? Eat healthy food in a calorie deficit and lift heavy. You will burn the fat and expose strong body. And last but not least 👉🏼 you need to be PATIENT. Changes don't happen overnight. It's usually a long term plan that requires you to be consistent and dedicated. But you won't regret it at the end. Hard work is always paying off ✌🏼✅😍 #transformationtuesday #transformation #lifting #heavyweights #girlswholift #beforeandafter #ageisjustanumber #nutrition #eatbetternotless #bbgprogress #screwthescale

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3. @Kek_Keish

После первой беременности она потеряла практически 52 килограмма, после второй – 19. Секрет такого преображения очень прост: правильное питание и тренировки.

10 months and 0.4 oz away from a 70 lb #PostPartum weight/fat loss. 💪🏽 Working hard on shedding this fat and building lean muscle mass. I just hope to be an inspiration to the moms that gained a 💩 ton of weight like myself during their🤰🏽pregnancy, that don’t think it’s possible to get the weight off, their body back, or thats struggling in their journey, or that is even contemplating surgery after gaining such a significant amount of weight. You don’t need all the extra. You can definitely take your health into your own hands. Your body transformation starts with your belief in your own ability to fulfill your own self-promises and goals. I’ve been down this road more than once. I can relate to the struggles since having encountered them myself personally. I’ve been there. Yes, of course it’s hard. But being out of shape is even harder on us. You are so totally worth taking the time to invest in yourself and your health. More importantly, we set the tone for our children. We gotta be thee example. Let’s show them that self-care, is the best care. My daughter is monkey see monkey do. And my son is the exact same way too. 🤗😊😉 #leadbyexample #healthymom #naturalweightloss #naturalbody #bodyafterbabies #transformationtuesday ••••••••• •••••••••••• Day 6 of 27 day challenge complete! ✅ I’m so grateful to all that have purchased the guide & joined the challenge!🤗 Remember, results are generated through hard work and self discipline. Stay true to your goals even despite slip-ups or set backs. It’s a lifestyle! *To join or for challenge details, click link in bio… 💪🏽💦

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4. Angelica Gonzalez

В то время, как многие девушки являются сторонниками кардиотренировок, она предпочитает тяжелую атлетику, что делает ее еще более женственной и разрушает стереотипы, что этот вариант только для мужчин.

5. Destiny Stephens

Девушка начала ходить в спортзал, чтобы справиться с депрессией. Потом увеличила количество тренировок и изменила свое питание, что привело ее к невероятным результатам.

So here it is!! My progress pictures. I’m not one to usually do transformation pictures but I think it’s very important for myself and others to see that with patience’s, hard work and consistency you can achieve anything. No surgery or injections!!! The pic on the left is actually me believe it or not! I was 15! This is when I first started going to the gym! I honestly can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve started my journey! It started off by going to the gym a couple days a week, and learning how to use the machines and trying different exercises. I wasn’t following any meals plans, I ate whatever I want but I was starting slow by going to the gym! (first 3 years) then the past 2 years it has became my whole entire lifestyle. I am now a competitor, coach and I now know all the muscles, how to target them, how to transform my body the way I want, I know how to properly diet and I go to the gym 1-2 a day, 6-7 days a week. I’m still learning every single day how to better myself and help others! I can’t stress it enough how consistency and patience is key. I too wanted my body to change over night but that’s just not realistic. Start somewhere and trust the process, it will happen I promise! Another thing I’ve learned is how important diet is. I hit a point where i was working out everyday and eating what I want and wasn’t seeing the results I was looking for… until I changed my diet, within a couple months I was seeing amazing results! Diet is the game changer 100%!! You got this! Believe in yourself and put in the work😈💪🏻❤️ -I will be making new guides, online coaching, and a group for all my boss babes to keep you accountable and help you along the way to achieve all your goals! COMING SOON!💖

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6. Brittany Perillee Yobe

У Бриттани есть «армия антипоклонников», которые не верят, что она так выглядит благодаря тренировкам. Поэтому специально для таких людей, она записывает видео с упражнениями.

IT. TAKES. TIME!!!!! SWIPE OVER 👉🏼 This is one of the most vulnerable posts I have ever decided to share with over 1 million people 😣. I have very mixed feelings about sharing this raw imagine of myself taken the morning after I arrived home from the hospital 🏩. Here I am in my pp panties, nursing bra/pads, no makeup & swollen eyes. I also removed the pee pee 🐶pad from between my legs so I could see my lower belly 🙈. Yeah… nobody ever really tells you these things before you get pregnant 😂🙈 #sorryTMI. This brand new mom 🤱 was extremely emotional 😭, exhausted 😴 , squishy, swollen and in a lot of pain 🤕 BUT so overjoyed 😍😭with the absolutely p-e-r-f-e-c-t human being I brought into the world 🌎 💕. I truly hope any person who is struggling with their fitness goals finds comfort and encouragement from this. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you WILL crush your goals! 💪🏻 Swipe Pictures: 📸taken morning after I came home from the hospital (front view) 📸 taken 4 days ago 📸 taken at the gym 3 days before I went into labor 🤰🏼 📸 taken morning after I came from the hospital (side view) *the lines on my tummy are from wearing my pp girdle 👍🏻

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7. @LisaFiitt

Лиза раньше была поклонницей занятий фитнесом. Но потом решила заняться тяжелой атлетикой, что показало мощный прогресс.

8. @FitNika

За четыре года тренировок девушка превратилась в нового человека. К тому же Ника не ест мясные продукты и заменяет их тофу или веганским сыром.

This little transformation went viral, so I’m posting it again and clarifying some things. There’s a 4 year difference between these two and nearly a 40 pound difference. Was it easy? Not at all. It took time, patience and hard work. Real results take real time. Real effort. Real consistency. You won’t make major changes in a month or two, but rather over a course of a year or two (or in my case, 4 years). As most of you know, I’m vegan, and this transformation was done as a Vegan. Cosmopolitan posted this and said I get most of my protein from vegan cheese (lol) and tofu, however that’s not really the case. Although I LOVE my vegan cheese (@fieldroast chao cheese I’m looking at you), it doesn’t have much protein. I get the bulk of my protein from mock meats (check out gardein and beyond meat!) and whole, plant based foods like lentils, soy beans, regular beans, nuts and seeds. You may notice that my legs as a WHOLE got larger. It’s not really possible to grow your glutes without growing your legs. Every “glute isolation” exercise also engages your hamstrings, meaning if your glutes grow, your hamstrings grow along with it. #beforeandafter #transformation #glutes #buildabooty

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9. Meggan Grubb

Сейчас Меган работает личным тренером. Она рассказала, что ей потребовались годы, чтобы привести свое тело в порядок.

10. Kassidy Linde

Она смогла очень сильно похудеть после беременности и сейчас вдохновляет своих подписчиков в социальных сетях.

EXCUSE THE BOOTY PICTURE! I don't usually post pictures of my backside for comparison but I decided to today. I'm actually a very covered up person. I don't wear short shorts, short dresses, belly shirts, or tops that show my cleavage. I only show my body so bare like this so y'all can see real changes. (So, I am sorry in advance if this offends anybody!) Anyway, you've got to appreciate the little changes . The picture on the left, I had already lost a significant amount of weight. I'm talking probably at least 80 pounds. I was definitely feeling confident ! The two pictures are around a year apart! Not only have my glutes lifted and thinned out in width, but my cellulite is slowly but surely fading. Also, my hips have shrunk and my back has gained quite a bit more muscle. Consistency is key. SMALL CHANGES ARE STILL CHANGES! Without the small , unnoticeable changes , you will never see the big noticeable changes. Trust the process. I'm hoping to see dramatic changes in another year! This is for life! This isn't something that has a finish line , this is a lifelong marathon. Have fun with it! Switch things up, take lots of pictures, and give yourself a pat on the back once and a while!

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11. Corinna Mantegazza

Девушка говорит о том, что не нужно издеваться над собой и делать то, что не хочется. В своих социальных сетях она пишет, что для того, чтобы стать лучшей версией себя, нужно время.

• It just takes time to be the best version of yourself. 🌺 It takes time to understand that depriving yourself is not ok. Undereating is not ok. Being mean with yourself is not ok, and if there’s someone around you who makes you believe the opposite just go away. There’s always a point where you believe you’re alone, that nobody understands you, that you’re the only one who’s feeling that way: well this is not the truth. Find someone to talk with, someone who believes in what you are and in every single success you reach. This is essential. Well I gained like 12 kg between these pictures, I’m actually living at my highest weight ever and this somehow still scares that deep part of my mind. Just to tell ya that it’s ok, but also that you have the strength and the power of being better than negative comments, esp when they come from your self mind. Trust the process, just this. 🖤 •

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12. @KarinaIrby

Многие думают, что ее тело – это результат не тренировок, а пластических операций. Но девушка не обращает внимание на сплетни и продолжает совершенствоваться каждый день.

9kgs heavier and feeling better than ever! Don’t get me wrong, I know my “look” doesn’t appeal to everyone, and that’s not what this post is about. I wanted to show anyone out there who may be trying to bulk up and put muscle on that it doesn’t happen over night. These images are exactly 4 years a part. Every BODY is built differently and will transform in its own unique way, you just need to make sure your fuelling yourself correctly, training hard and picking up the weights. Regardless of how I look, I feel GREAT! I no longer catch colds so easily, I sleep better at night, my skin has a glow awwww the list could go on. Take the best care of your body because you only have one ☝🏽 @bikini.body.burn

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13. @MarissaRemy

Девушка добилась таких результатов всего за три года. Также она тщательно следит за питанием.

It's #transformationtuesday 🙌That means it's time to remember how far you've come, and all you've accomplished. To transform your body is a HUGE DEAL and I commend every single person out there grinding. This is no small feat! Of course in every journey there's ups and downs, but even making a LITTLE progress means you're winning your battles. This picture is 113lbs ➡️ 133lbs — that's a 20lb difference! And it took me all of 3 years 😳😩💪 Note to self: KEEP GOING! Note to you guys: booty building tips in my bio. And sorry for the low quality! — — — — #gainingweightiscool #builtnotbought #bootybuilding #bootybuilder #fitnessblogger #fitness #transformation #bodyprogress #weightlifting #squats #edrecovery #wellness #health #glutes #booty #bulking #musclebuilding #girlswithmuscle

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